Friday, December 12, 2014

The looming deadline

December is the deadline: The end of the year, yes, but also the close of another blogging year. I should mark my years from the day I started this blog, but never mind that—I don’t, okay? That means I have until the end of the month to hit my blogging goal—will I?

I try for an annual average of one blog post per day. That’s an average, meaning that I might not blog for several days, then do several posts a day for several days. That’s in a normal year, and this has not been a normal year.

For a number of reasons, I’ve really struggled to publish posts this year, so much so that without a herculean effort I’ll miss my goal for the first time ever (not counting the year I forgot about Leap Year).

The thing is, if I wanted to just pad out the entries, I might post things like YouTube videos, so when I do that, I feel like it looks like I’m padding. In fact, though, I always say something about what I’m posting—I comment, not just post. Also, I realised I often share things on Facebook that I could share here, instead. And so, I am—even if that may appear (to me) as if I’m padding my content.

It’s not like I avoid deeper subjects, after all. My recent post,“Radical ‘Christian’ coincidence?” is a good example of that. I’ll certainly have more of them. But I’ll also post some things that are less substantial.

The point is, for better or worse, this blog is my main writing outlet, the place I say what I think. Sometimes, it may mean commenting on YouTube videos (or similar), and other times it may mean long-form commentary. But just as I’m not paid to write anything, readers also don’t pay anything. So, it seems to me, even a little padding can be forgiven. Assuming there is any, of course…

I have big plans for next year. But first, we have to get through this one, and the deadline is looming.


rogerogreen said...

Pad away!. I wrote about my CATS today. You would never do THAT, would you? (Looks at AmeriNZ blog.) I guess you would...and you have dogs, too!

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Heheh, I (obviously) think writing about one's cats and dogs is a good thing!