Saturday, December 20, 2014

If Men Were Disney Princesses

As I’ve made clear by now, I sometimes have a love/hate relationship with BuzzFeed videos, even sometimes the same one. However, this one I love—so much so that I’m bumping this post ahead of others.

There are two things I particularly like about the video. First, the way it takes it for granted that a man might want to be a Disney Princess. The homoeroticism is actually pretty incidental, it being more about a man imagining being a princess rather than him being gay in real life, which is pretty irrelevant to the narrative.

The narrative is the other thing I like about the video: The way it takes the realities presented by Disney princesses and gently skewers them by presenting those realities as fact: “I wish I could be a Disney Princess so I could marry a homeless Arabian man,” for example.

The performances are solid, and the song itself is fun (the lyrics are in the YouTube description), and so is the video, which is the whole point, of course. And, anyway, who doesn’t want to “hang out with giant sassy drag queen squids”?

Somewhat related: I did a “which Disney Princess are you” thing back in 2008.

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