Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ask Arthur again, again

It’s time for my third annual December “Ask Arthur” series. It’s your chance to ask whatever you want, and I promise to answer to the extent I’m able. I did an extra one in July, 2013, but otherwise this has been my "December thing".

So far, I’ve never had a question for which the answer constrained me, but I’ll be honest if that ever happens. The point is, I have very few limits, and pretty much can’t be offended, so there’s no prior restraint for questions asked.

I wouldn’t presume to judge what folks might be interested in asking about, but it might be about me, about life in New Zealand, about being an expat, about the probability of a giant planet at the edge of our solar system—okay, that last one is silly because I know NOTHING about such things. The point is, all topics are okay, and I’ll say so if I have no idea how to answer.

This is, of course, inspired by Roger Green, who does “Ask Roger Anything” (“ARA”) posts. Because this is now a muti-year thing, this year’s posts will be tagged AAA-14—short for “Ask Arthur Anything 2014” (and also stolen adapted from Roger).

The best way to ask your question is to leave a comment on this post. The Disqus commenting system I use is supposed to be set to permit anonymous comments (though I may have to approve them—which may cause a delay in some being posted due to time zone differences). However, you can also email me your question and tell me to keep your name secret (although, why not pick a nom de question?).

So, leave a comment to this post, send me an email or whatever, and I’ll do my best to answer your question.

Your turn!


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rogerogreen said...

OK, for starters, I want you to do the map thing I just did. http://www.rogerogreen.com/2014/12/06/where-ive-been/

rogerogreen said...

It occurs to me: I don't REALLY know what you do. I DO know you have deadlines with weeks that ate really busy, and weeks that are more normal.

Could you make this American cry by listing off all the holidays on the NZ calendar, including the weird rules that if, say, Easter Monday falls on a special day, you get ANOTHER day off. Is there a move afoot to cut back on these, in order to make Kiwis more "productive"?

rogerogreen said...

From your far-away vantage, what you think of the Ferguson, MO shooting of Michael Brown, the choking death of Eric Garner in Staten Island, et al, unarmed young black men (or boys in a couple cases), killed by police. What do you think of the protests, and do you think they could lead to fundamental changes in 1) the discussion of race in America and 2) police behavior? Is this a passing phase or is this a sea change?

rogerogreen said...

Do you think there is white privilege in the US? In NZ? How would you describe it in a way that won't tick off most white people?