Sunday, December 21, 2014

AAA-14: Arthur Answers (soon)

Tomorrow, I’ll start the series of posts answering questions posted to me for this year’s “Ask Arthur”. As I’ve done before, my answers will be in separate posts, though I may include thematically similar questions in the same post. I expect to do one a day until the series is complete, although the series will be interrupted by Christmas Day/Boxing Day, at the least.

There’s still time to ask questions! Just leave you question as a comment to this post, send me an email or send it by social media. The options are virtually endless!


rogerogreen said...

You sneak! You're gonna hit your one-a-day post quota yet!

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Ha! I have my doubts that I'll actually make it, but this post started as an intro to an actual "Answers" post. I thought it confused things, and made an already long post even longer. Besides, counting today, there are exactly 10 days left in the year, and, as we all know, I like round numbers. :-)