Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pop Danthology 2014

This is the 2014 Pop Danthology by Daniel Kim. It already hs 1.76 million views—up some 400,00 since I looked this morning. That’s pretty impressive.

I seemed to know more of the songs in this video than in the “PopLOve 3” video I posted on December 9, of DJ Earworm’s video, “United State of Pop 2014”, which I posted a few days earlier. I think part of the reason I know more songs now is that since the first two posts, I’ve seen more of the videos from this year, and in part that was because I was getting ready for my December posts (as well as also as other sites started wrapping up the year in pop music).

Actually, while researching this post, I realised that last year I posted the 2013 DJ Earworm video and the 2013 Pop Danthology in the same post. Part of that is because Kim posted his video earlier last year. But I certainly don’t begrudge him the extra time it took this year, not after I watched his “The Making of Pop Danthology 2014” video. Spoiler alert: It takes him about 180 hours each year.

All of these mashups and remixes are just a bit of fun. They’re manipulated, mixed and arranged to provide a representative sampling of the year in pop music. They’re all a little different, which is because of the different people making them, as much as anything.

But, as they say, variety is the spice of life—even in pop music mashups.

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