Tuesday, December 09, 2014

My little helper

Today one of my chores was to move around a few things in the garage in preparation for a bigger reorganisation project. Bella decided to help (photo). I was very appreciative.

There’s a bigger empty box, barely visible at the right edge of the photo, and yesterday Bella slept in that one (I could only see her if I stood over it and looked in). This morning, she picked the small one and sat in there for ages.

The dogs, meanwhile, usually ignore me when I work on things in the garage. Sure, they might go in there at first to see what I’m up to (and to make sure I’m not leaving the house…), but they don’t usually stick around. Sunny will often lie in the hallway that leads to the garage, but Jake sleeps elsewhere in the house.

On the other hand, if I go outside to hang up washing, Jake and Sunny often join me, sometimes lying in the sun until it gets too hot, then lying on the cool garage floor. They have a system!

Whatever I do, whatever my projects, the furbabies aren’t far away. I like that.

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