Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A good commercial

The video above is a commercial, one of a series by a pain reliever manufacturer that decided to re-imagine Norman Rockwell’s famous 1943 painting, Freedom from Want. I think it does a good job showing how diverse modern families are. Plus, this ad will make far-right religionists’ heads explode, so that’s a bonus.

The commercials are designed, the YouTube description for this video says, “…to help illustrate how modern families come together to celebrate what matters most during the holidays.” The thing that matters most is, basically, family. I don’t know many people who would disagree with that.

No matter how much some rightwing traditionalists might like to pretend otherwise, there’s far more than only one form of family. No matter how much the far right hates it, it's important to show some of diversity among familes so that kids can learn that there are many different kinds of people and families, and—especially—more kinds of families can see their lives and realities reflected in popular media and culture.

Advertising is an imperfect way to transmit cultural values; more often than not, it lags well behind changes in culture rather than leading them. But consumer advertising is also uniquely placed to help foster awareness of changes in culture because it’s everywhere.

And, this ad will make far-rightwing heads explode. Too bad.

Tip o' the Hat to Joe.My.God.

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