Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas: Behind the Curtain

In this video, Seth Andrews, the host of The Thinking Atheist podcast, takes a look at the origins of the Christmas. This video is a good way for Christians to understand both the origins of the holiday, as well as what atheists really think about it.

The video is 14 minutes long, and originally produced for for AtheistTV. It’s well worth the time, in my opinion, particularly for those who want to understand other viewpoints. However, this video isn’t just about an atheist viewpoint—it’s mainly about the earlier, non-Christian origins of both the Christmas holidays and the traditions associated with it.

The Thinking Atheist podcasts, along with various special videos, are on The Thinking Atheist YouTube Channel. All of this, and other resources, can also be found on The Thinking Atheist website, too.

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