Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Summer sample

Summer arrived on December 1, but without summery weather. In fact, we didn’t have much of a Spring, either: Cool (sometimes cold) and rainy. The past couple days, however, have been a bit better.

I’m keenly aware that the relative lack of nice weather isn’t an actual problem—it’s just an inconvenience. Even so, weather matters, and nice weather matters quite a lot.

The past couple days have been quite nice, and while each morning I expected it to turn bad again, it hasn’t (we’ll see about tomorrow …). I haven't been out in the days very much, of course, because I’m so busy with work. But I have a window by my desk, so I see it.

Monday, I went to our local sushi shop to pick up some lunch. It’s a fantastic place, and only a couple minutes’ drive from our house (and, yes, driving there rather than walking is a good idea, given all the hills around here). So, as I was waiting in line I realised, first, that they were playing Christmas music. Next, I realised I wasn’t quite ready to be hearing Christmas music. The sushi was good, though.

I’ve also been able to hang laundry on the line, which I try to do when I do laundry on sunny days. Lately, there hasn’t been much chance to do that.

Being so busy with work may be keeping me from many things, like blogging, but also just being outside. But I still noticed the nice days. That’s a good thing.

My photo above is from a post in October 2013.

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