Sunday, December 07, 2014

Kate Pierson – ‘Mister Sister’

I love this video. But, then, I would.

This video is by Kate Pierson, best known as part of the B-52s, one of my favourite groups ever. The song is from Guitars And Microphones, executive produced by Sia, who collaborated with Pierson on the songwriting. It’s also a trans-positive anthem, something we don’t hear all that often.

I’ve loved the B-52a since back in the day, when a gay friend introduced me to them—though at the time, I didn’t know my friend was gay. Later, I danced to their music with my first-ever boyfriend.

So, we have history, we two, though she doesn’t know that, of course. Now, history aside, I like this not just because it hearkens back to the B-52s, but also because of the trans-affirming message. Such messages just don’t exist in pop music—which means they won’t now, either (I’m a realist).

But, all that aside, I do like this song, and I’m excited to find out what else is on the album. Sometimes, what’s old is new again is a good thing.

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