This page has links to various blogs and podcasts that I visit. In fact, the only criteria for my listing blogs/podcasts here is that I do visit them. I'll continue to add other links over time.

If you're looking for links about New Zealand or being an expat, those will be coming soon to new pages. In the meantime, what I can recommend are on the sidebar

Expat Blogs
These are blogs of expats here in NZ, or those who are planning to move to NZ. They’re all people I’ve had at least some interaction with, but this list isn’t complete…

Adventures in Wellington (US in NZ)
Overseas Experiments (US in NZ)
Triumph Over Madness (US in NZ)

Bevy of Blogs

I Am Walter
Jason’s View from DC
Matt Burlingame
Paul Armstrong
Ramblin’ with Roger
Slap Upside the Head
This New Condo (CondoBlogger)

Parade of Podcasts

2Political Podcast
AmeriNZ Podcast
Big Fatty Online
Democracy Now!
Don’t Quit Your Day Job
Little Aussie Battler
Mediawatch (Radio NZ)
Pink Wheelnuts
Ramble Redhead
Reasonable Doubts
Terminally Single
That Blue Jeans Guy
The Beat San Francisco
The Tim Corrimal Show
Vera Speaks… For Real