Thursday, November 22, 2018

UK's Marks & Spencer 2018 Christmas ads

The video above is the 2018 Christmas ad for British retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S). Called “Must-Haves”, the ad promotes stuff that their target market might consider “must haves” at Christmas. Some of us may not share that particular description, but M&S believes their customers will.

I didn’t particularly like their ads this year because I don’t think they’re as good as last year’s ads, which I think were not just better, but also, well, more Christmasy. However, they do make it possible to get a glimpse of what makes a Christmas for a certain subset of people in the UK, and that’s interesting. Even so, I still don’t especially like the ads this year. It happens.

The ad for M&S Food, “Discover your M&S Christmas favourite” is below:

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