Friday, November 23, 2018

Turkey Day 2018

Today was Thanksgiving Day in my American homeland, so, as I have many years, I had turkey for lunch today (in the Instagram photo above). Most years, this is all I have, and it’s the perfect homage for me.

This time of year is too busy to have any sort of celebration, which isn’t part of this country’s culture, anyway, of course. Plus the weather is warming up this time of year (today it hit 23 at our house—about 73.4F), which makes a roast meal a bit difficult. That’s why I’ve seldom made a Thanksgiving dinner.

As I said in the Instagram caption above, this year I made a wrap instead of a sandwich. It was a good choice, though if I do it next year, I may have more to put in it). I used the same brand of turkey in a post last July, which seems to be the only one available at the moment, at least at the grocery store I went to yesterday.

So, that was my Thanksgiving for 2018. It was nice seeing various American friends posting about their day on Facebook, but I don’t miss all that. I still had turkey, though, that’s a wrap for 2018.

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