Friday, November 23, 2018

Joy and celebration

These days, people don’t celebrate enough. Sure, there are birthdays, weddings—all sorts of things that people celebrate. But most of us ignore the little things, and not so little things, that go on all the time. We need to celebrate the little things, the small victories, because they make the bigger ones possible.

In the video above, John Green responds to his brother Hank by talking about feeling joy and the need to celebrate. I’ev been talking about that for years, so this was one of those times when I watched a video and said a silent “YES!”. Okay, technically that’s shouting silently. And I probably was.

It’s so easy, especially these days, to lose track of what’s good, what’s important to us and for us. And if we spend too much time holding out waiting for the Big Things to celebrate, we may miss out entirely, for any number of reasons.

That’s why I always talk about celebrating the little things and the small victories. They matter too, and sometimes more than the Big Things.

It’s good, too, to remember that this time of year.

This is Hank’s video that John was responding to:

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rogerogreen said...

I love the Greens, esp John. And NO, it's not just because of their last name!