Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Me memes

It’s good to have friends, isn’t it? And as a blogger, it’s good to have blogging friends who provide content to blog about. Recently, Roger Green tagged me in one of his posts “but”, he added, “only if he wants to so he can make par.” Roger is the only person I know who cares as much as I do about whether I make my annual goal for the number of blog posts (he may quite possibly care a bit more about it than me…). So, here’s his meme:

Available/Single? Neither. I’ve made that clear by now, I think.

Best Friend? Well, Nigel obviously. Aside from him, probably someone I’ve known since fourth grade, when we were nine or ten.

Cake or Pie? Depends. Cake for birthdays, and maybe just because. Pies are nice, too, and nothing beats a good NZ meat pie for lunch. Steak and cheese or (beef) mince and cheese, if you please.

Drink of Choice? Well, by volume, coffee, hands down. But I also choose wine (less than I used to) and the odd fizzy drink (soft drink).

Essential Item You Use Everyday? Like Roger, my electric toothbrush—or maybe my iPad. I could get an old fashioned toothbrush if I had to choose…

Favourite Colour? Well! It’s been blue my entire life, but it has a political meaning here (the leading party on the Right uses blue). So, I pick red, the colour of the party I support, the Labour Party. But in the USA, they’re the exact opposite. So, while blue is still my favourite, I’ll choose red in some NZ contexts instead.

Gummy Bears or Worms? I don’t care. In high school I sold gummi bears, but I’ve had gummi worms since, and they have some charm.

Hometown? I’ll pick Chicago, where I lived before moving to New Zealand, a city I have a strong attachment to.

Indulgence? Dunno. Probably the iPad game “Simpsons: Tapped Out”. I play it every day.
January or February? January because of my annual increasing number.

Kids and Their Names? No human kids, but the furbabies’ most-used nicknames are just minor corruptions of the actual names, Jakey, for example, or Bells-a-bells, Sunny-bunny, Lee-lee.

Life is Incomplete Without? My husband—duh! Other than that, probably writing stuff. I just can’t stop.

Marriage Date? Which one? Actual marriage was October 31, Civil Union (the big ceremony) was January 24, and we mark our anniversary together as November 2. I may have talked about those dates a time or two, but I’m not sure.

Number of Siblings? Two, both older.

Oranges or Apples? Either. I will eat either or drink their juice.

Phobias/Fears? Roger said, “Trump in 2020”, which is true for me, but I get the actual “fight or flight” response from two things: Spiders and snakes. Well, not the last one in New Zealand, but I would if I saw one.

Quote You Like? Changes frequently, but today I was reminded of one from Oscar Wilde (from “The Importance of Being Earnest”): “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”

Reason to Smile? Silliness. Life is too serious, too much.

Season? Summer.

Tag Three or Four People? Nope. People can self tag, if they so wish, and let me know they did it by sharing a link in the comments.

Unknown Fact About Me? I was once brought home by the cops. I was about five, I think.

Vegetable You Don’t Like? Can’t think of any, but I haven’t had every one. Among fruits, though, I utterly despise passionfruit.

Worst Habit? If I knew that, I’d stop it…

X-Rays You’ve Had? Chest twice (once for immigration, the other for my stent) and arm after a work accident (nothing broken).

Your Favourite Food? Pizza, ideally American-style cheesey-gooey pizza. Otherwise, Margherita pizza.

Zodiac Sign? Aquarius. I’m still waiting for my age to dawn, but I don’t really know what the moon’s “Seventh House” is, or why it needs so many, so maybe I missed it…

Okay, so that was Roger’s meme. I ran across another a day or two later from one of “The Robs”, friends from the Pride 48 podcasting community, and Nigel and I have met both of them in real life. This blog is public, so I won’t say which Rob I stole this from, but he’s welcome to claim credit.

The Name Game meme:

It may be harder than you think. Every answer has to start with the last letter of the previous answer.

Last name.........Schenck
Animal............... Kiwi
Girls Name.......... Ingrid
Boys Name.......... Damian
Color.................. Navy
Feeling............... Yucky
Name of a movie... Year of Living Dangerously
Something you wear.... Yarmulke
Food................... Eggs
Bathroom Item.... Shampoo
Place.................. Oamaru
Reason for being late.... Unwell

Copy, paste, and erase my answers then add yours. Have fun! Or, not.


rogerogreen said...

To be fair to me, I've ALMOST written off your 2018. 98 posts in 47 days? Possible, of course, but that's more than 2/day.

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

Yes, and even my annual series of posts over the rest of the year aren't likely to change that much, because there will also inevitably be days off.