Sunday, November 04, 2018

He sows, we reap

Anyone seeing the news from the USA over the past couple weeks couldn’t help but be shocked by it. It’s not just the politically motivated terrorism, but also the response from the current occupant of the White House. The sad reality is, no real president would even act like he has been acting.

A series of bombs were sent to prominent Democrats and to CNN. What they all had in common is that the current occupant of the White House has frequently attacked all of them in both Tweets and at his frequent campaign rallies. The terrorist was a huge fan of the current occupant, and plastered the outside of his van with all sorts of propaganda backing the current occupant—and also attacking Democrats, often by placing rifle sight graphics over the faces of prominent opponents of the current regime.

The terrorist who killed 11 people at the Pittsburgh synagogue allegedly wasn’t exactly a fan of the current occupant, reportedly thinking him too much of a “globalist”, but he was motivated to attack in part because of the lie that the current occupant has been promoting that George Soros is funding the “caravan” of refugees two-months walk from the USA. That smear is meant as a an under-the-breath smear against Jewish people, though the current occupant may not be bright enough to understand that.

In the wake of those horrific murders, and the attempt to assassinate two former presidents and plenty of other prominent Democrats, the current occupant had the opportunity to act like a real president. He failed completely. Unlike what any real president would have done, he didn’t speak to any of the intended victims of the bomber. But worse was to come.

Speaking to his frothing fans hours after the attack in Pittsburgh, the current occupant complained that the attempted bombings and the murders in Pittsburgh (he never mentioned the murders committed by a racist in Kentucky) had broken the “momentum” of his campaign to for Republicans in the elections next week. What kind of sick bastard does that? People were still grieving the loss of loved ones, and he tried to make it all about him, and how much of a “victim” HE is because his political rhythm was broken. Unbelievable.

But, of course, the current occupant wasn’t done.

He’s repeated his moaning about the interruption to his campaigning several times since the terrorist acts. In typical fashion, he also blamed the media for the rising rightwing violence and denied his rhetoric has had anything to do with it. Of course he did.

The current occupant is delusional.

He has constantly demonised Democrats and liberals, and then one of his fans sends bombs in an attempt to kill Democrats that the current occupant is constantly attacking—even after the plot was revealed—but somehow those constant attacks aren’t responsible for encouraging his violent fan to act? Seriously?!

The current occupant has been spreading many lies about Soros, not just about the “caravan”, but also lying that Soros was funding opponents of the current regime (a lie he’s repeated so often that Democrats started to make fun of him over it before the terrorist incident). That lie has been a favourite of the nativist rightwing that makes up a significant portion of his base, people who believe “the Jews” are part of a global conspiracy. And then a rightwing terrorist takes up arms to murder Jewish people.

The thing is, one cannot say that Word A was the direct cause of Crime B. Things don’t work that way. But when one of the most prominent people in the world constantly repeats lies and smears as attacks against his opponents, and freely spreads anti-Semitic dogwhistles, there can be no surprises when violence-prone followers take action.

No real president would EVER use the sort of language that the current occupant uses. No real president would ever stir up hatred and divisiveness as the current occupant has. No decent human being would ever complain about their own campaign inconvenience caused by a terrorist attack, let alone while people were still grieving their dead.

The man is sowing hatred and division for political gain. What he says is harming the entire USA, and will encourage extremists to engage in violence. No real president would ever act like that.

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