Friday, November 23, 2018

Apple 2018 Holiday ad

The ad above is from Apple, and is called “Share Your Gifts”. Like many ads released this time of year, it depicts people who use the company’s products, but in this ad those products not the focus: What one can DO with those products it the point. So, this ad is a little different than others.

In the ad, a young woman is creative, but won’t share her gift with the world until the dog intervenes. I have found this can happen in real life. Yes, she uses Apple products (a Macbook) to create, but the sharing of her gift is the entire point of the ad.

I’m sure that a certain subset of Americans would be outraged that the ad is called “Holiday”, but it really has nothing to do with any one particular holiday, does it? The point is, one can help free the creative spirit of someone we love (like the dog did), and one way we can do that by buying Apple products. Subtle selling, good message.

I like this ad.

Apple also shared a "making of" video:

Full disclosure: Not that it's relevant, but in the interest of transparency, the first draft of this post was done a Macbook and finalised on a desktop Mac.


Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

I agree. The shorter version was broadcast on New Zealand TV, and I thought it made little sense—certainly there didn't seem to be much context in the shorter one.

rogerogreen said...

The 30 sec version just doesn't do it for me, which I hadn't seen until 3 weeks after you posted this.