Wednesday, December 30, 2009

YouTube Video of the Year

Last May, I posted a video, “The Big Fat Gay Collab!” that had become a favourite (I went on to buy the song because of it). This video (language NSFW) expressed what I’d been feeling in the face of all the right wing—and especially anti-gay—bullshit. I still feel that way.

This video is my pick for the best YouTube Video of the Year. Then today I went to Joe.My.God. and saw that he’s picked this video, too. Said Joe:

Lots of sites are posting their "Best of YouTube" recaps this week. We loved the parodies of NOM's Gathering Storm ad, we giggled at all the Single Ladies tributes, and we got all teary-eyed over the many inspiring clips of impromptu marriage rallies/protests. But for me, one clip stands out above all the rest. Still makes me laugh, still chokes me up. Best Clip Of 2009: The Big Fat Gay Collab's lip-sync of Lily Allen's Fuck You. The kids are alright.

I agree completely.

I also posted a version from a French collab a couple weeks later.

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