Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Vote Slap!

My e-friend Mark’s site, Slap Upside the Head, has again been nominated in the Canadian Blog Awards. While that’s pretty great all by itself, I personally like even better that anyone can vote—no matter what country they live in. And so, I did (round one ends this week).

This year, people can vote only once per round, not once per day as in previous years. But what makes it really interesting this year is that the poll is being conducted with a preferential/ranking voting system—very similar to STV (Single Transferable Vote, also known as Instant Run-Off Voting or “IRV” in the US). It’s the first time that I’ve seen it used for an online poll.

Mark is nominated in three categories: GLBT, Blog Post, and Photo/Art categories (I removed the links originally in this post because they're no longer valid). Check out Mark’s site, and maybe some other nominees. And, if you feel so inclined, give Slap your vote—Mark deserves it.

Round two starts next week; I hope to be voting for Mark in that round, too.

Update 14 December 2009: Mark has made it to round 2!! Naturally, I'm still campaigning for him. I also removed the links to the categories for Round 1 because they're no longer valid.


Mark from Slap said...

Thanks for the plug, Arthur!

Even if I don't make it further, I'm super flattered by all the support and enthusiasm! :D

Arthur Schenck said...

No worries—now I'm onto campaigning for you in Round 2!