Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Congressional jerk

During the debate on the healthcare “reform” bill in the US Senate, Senator Tom Coburn, a jerk Republican from Oklahoma (who’s also a member of the secretive far-right christianist cult “The Family”), said Americans should pray that one of the Democratic US Senators wouldn’t be able to vote to stop Republican plans to block the bill. Democrats saw this as a reference to Senator Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia) who is 92 and in poor health.

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois—who I have proudly voted for—took to the floor to offer Coburn the chance to explain himself, but Coburn didn’t do so. Senator Durbin was low-key, but pointed.

In the end, Coburn’s god didn’t answer his prayers, so one must assume he’s on the side of the Democrats, right?

Update 23 December: Turns out Coburn's prayer did work: Senator James Inhofe, the other troglodyte Republican Senator from Oklahoma, missed a procedural vote on healthcare "reform" and the vote was 60 to 39. See? It's obvious now that Coburn's god really is on the side of the Democrats!

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d said...

I grew up in Oklahoma, and had to deal with the entire Coburn family. They are all assholes.