Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A father who isn’t one

Just before I went to bed tonight, I decided to check the news sites, as you do. Then I found the following on Stuff:

An Australian dad is accused of forcing his son to have sex with a prostitute because he feared the 14-year-old was gay.

During a family barbecue around Christmas time in 2007, the father allegedly phoned a prostitute and arranged to meet her at a motel on Yaamba Road, North Rockhampton, Queensland.

The father allegedly drove his son to the motel and paid the prostitute in $50 notes. The prostitute took the boy into a motel room while the father waited on a balcony.

The father walked in and out of the room to check on his son and told him he wanted to see a used condom as proof that they'd had sex.

A magistrate yesterday found there was enough evidence against the father for him to stand trial for the rape of his son.

Personally, I hope the bastard rots in jail. It’s not bad enough that he “feared” his son was gay, nor that he hired a prostitute to make his son “prove” he was straight, no the weirdo needed to see a used condom as “proof”. Was this guy a pederast or something?

The same general story has been used in countless works of fiction and movies in which a young gay man deals with a psychotic father. This time, the evil-doer will face justice, and that’s a good thing. Sadly, this same story is repeated throughout the world because some people refuse to accept that homosexuality is natural, normal and healthy for those who are gay. Deal with it.

As long as people continue to believe the nonsense that sexuality is changeable, this sort of story will repeat. At least this time the insane father didn’t drive his son to suicide.


Anonymous said...

the writer of this blog is a homo faggot,
the kid clearly WAS a homo, because he cried
if i was 14 id call my dad a legend for arranging a prostitute for me

epilonious said...

While the father's actions and his son's trauma sadden me... I also feel really sorry for the courtesan. It must have been ridiculously awkward.

Dear anonymous: So what your saying is that you'd have to get your daddy do it for you? Guess your courage is only strong enough to let you leave redundant, ridiculous, anonymous comments on random message boards. Merry Christmas!

Roger Owen Green said...

Dear Anon:
And you, who don't bother to even identify yourself, are both a coward AND an idiot. If you were 14 and your father had arranged a prostitute for you, he (and she) could and should have been arrested for statutory rape.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous..come over here and suck my dick...you know you want to.


Thomas Beagle said...

To the first commenter:

How would you feel about it if your father had forced you to have sex with a *male* prostitute at age 14?

Anyway, whether the kid was gay or not, it seems that he wasn't up for the experience at that time and the father is an arsehole for forcing it.

Arthur Schenck said...

Thanks for the defence after the first silly and typically anonymous comment. And about that, I wonder what on earth would make anyone think that calling me "a homo faggot" would be an insult? I mean, like I didn't know already? Or that—despite posting thousands of words on the topic—I was afraid of others finding out? Get real.

I also think it's interesting that the anonymous commenter seems to think that it was the boy who complained to police—that's not in the article I linked to.

Epilonious: Funny you should mention the prostitute, because I thought the same thing. Mind you, I bet they're used to seeing truly weird things, like the father walking in and out, all the time.

Roger: You're absolutely right—the prostitute is also legally culpable. The boy was WAY below the age of consent and both of them could face multiple charges.

Anon 2: You're probably right (the "methinks he doth protest too much" theory).

Thomas: Nice way of turning around the issue—wish I'd thought of that! And you're right, the father was and arsehole for forcing it.

Everyone: If the father is convicted, there are several possible consequences, among them: 1) He may be barred from unsupervised visits with his son because of his conviction, and 2) Having been convicted of a sex crime involving a minor (being a procurer still legally makes him an abuser), he may have to register as a sex offender.

All of which means his idiotic attempt at "intervention" may have ended up ruining his life, but saving his son's because he'll have a chance to finish growing up without that arsehole father being able to ruin him.

Roger Owen Green said...

I don't usually involve myself in flame wars, but he (HAD to be a he) just pissed me off so much on multiple levels.

Arthur Schenck said...

I try and avoid flame wars, too, but sometimes I just gotta weigh in!