Monday, December 21, 2009

Land o’ linkin’

I think I said this recently, but I’m updating my blogroll and podcast roll (podroll?) here and at my podcast site (they’re the same). Over the next week I want to add new links I’ve been meaning to add, drop obsolete ones and make sure they’re all working.

If you link to me, but I don’t link back, please let me know—it’s not intentional! Also, if we don’t trade links and you’d like to, let me know that—as long as you’re not some wingnut or far right religionist, because that would be too weird and inappropriate!


Roger Owen Green said...

great title for an Illinois boy...

Arthur Schenck said...

And what else COULD I call it?

Dennis Gallagher said...

Arthur, I'd like to cross-link with you. Dennis Gallagher here from samadhisoft.com. I'll put the link up on my end today.