Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Something I succeeded at this year

One month ago today, I posted about how little I’d blogged in November. With 23 posts, it was my least-blogged month apart from two others: December 2007 (17), where I was overseas or getting ready to go, and September 2006 (11), the partial month I began this blog.

For the first time since I’d started the blog, there was the real possibility that I might not reach my annual average of one post per day. In fact, back on November 30 it seemed unlikely.

But life can sometimes arrange itself the way you want, and I’ve now passed the one-per-day average for this year, keeping my record intact. My count of posts is somewhat lower than what Blogger says, so it’s only now that I’ve passed the number on my tally that I’ll mention it. This month, with a full day to go, is also now my most-blogged month.

I’ll admit to, um, helping that average a bit with a few posts that were basically fillers, but I won’t mention which ones—and don’t you do so, either: Posts you pick may have been perfectly ordinary ones that just seemed like filler. And, in any case, it’s my blog, so I can do with it what I want to.

As I said last month, I know that this is totally superficial and unimportant. Any day there are plenty more important things to post about than this dubious achievement, but I think that sometimes it’s okay on a personal blog to just stop and acknowledge a success, no matter how small or trivial or insignificant.

Just don’t expect me to outline my failures for the year. I think that tens of thousands of words is just too long for a blog post…


Anonymous said...
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Roger Owen Green said...

Hey, it's a blog. It's YOUR blog. You can be as banal as you want occasionally; Allah knows I am.

"Allah knows"? Oh, no, put that man on the no-fly list.

Moosep and Buddy Rabbit said...

That's Great! Love to read your blog.

Have a Happy New Year!