Friday, December 25, 2009

Yes, we decorated—sort of…

A couple days ago, I posted about some “decorations” I’d put up. I said you’d have to check back to see if there were any more decorations. I wasn’t being crafty or anything: I really didn’t know.

Well, as it happens, we did do decorating—a little.

The photo at top is of some LED lights we snaked through the truss system that holds our home theatre. Did I say snaked? Kinda looks like a serpent.

The first photo below is of the Christmas cards we’ve received, and in front of them a series of Christmas ornaments given to us by Jason. They’re from the White House Historical Association series, and depict the White House during various presidencies. They’re a unique gift, and we like displaying them all together like this.

The last photo is our tree—and that gives an idea of why the White House ornaments are displayed the way they are: There’s nowhere to hang one. On the plus side, the tree takes a few seconds to put up or take down.

That’s it. Compared to recent years, we really decked the halls this year. Next year? I have no idea. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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