Sunday, December 20, 2015

Whānau Christmas evening

Tonight we had a Christmas get-together with some of our friends and family—including family of choice—who are all going their separate ways for Christmas. It was our last chance to get together before the holidays, so we did.

We had yummy nibbles and drinks to start, followed by Thai for dinner at the beach, all of which made for a thoroughly enjoyable time. It’s interesting how our families of choice can be as low-maintenance as our blood families (or more so…). Of course, for me, my entire family in New Zealand is a family of choice, which is part of the reason they all mean so much to me.

Our niece took the photo up top at the conclusion of our evening. It’s of Nigel and me facing the beach, and I really like it. In fact, I made it my Facebook cover photo.

Family is really awesome, I think. I hope others can feel even a small part of what I do when our family is together. Because, really, that matters more than anything.

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