Monday, December 21, 2015

The weather outside

Pretty much everyone complains about the weather at some point or other. Some complain a lot, others rarely, but because it’s pretty much inevitable that at some point the weather will be other than we might wish it to be, and we’ll probably complain about that weather, even though we can’t do anything about it.

I’ve complained about the weather here on this blog, of course, most recently at the start of Spring. Mostly, though, I talk about the weather as a topic rather than complain just about it. That Spring post was a bit of both, which this post is, too.

We’re now three weeks into summer, and so far we haven’t had much summer in our summer. It’s been overcast a lot, though the cloudy skies have seldom produced rainy days, so the soil is rather dry (this our version of El Niño). Maybe it’s because of all that cloudiness, but it’s also been fairly cool, especially at night, when it’s often been pretty cold.

However, yesterday was a brilliant sunny, very warm day—so much so that I got three loads of washing dried out on the line, something that hasn’t happened since last year. We went to our Whānau early Christmas get together late yesterday afternoon, and while it was hot (okay, very warm…) and sunny at first, when the sun started setting it turned very cool, very quickly.

So, there’s a bit of typical weather complaining: I talk about what I don’t like, and also what I do. But what I didn’t realise until recently was that nearly every year at this time I’ve complained about the weather. I found that out because of the “Memories” thing Facebook has, where it shows things you’ve posted on that date in previous years (which, by the way, I quite like—it’s never shown me anything I’d rather forget, which I realise hasn’t been everyone’s experience with it).

We all have habits that we don’t even realise we have, and apparently complaining about the weather, especially on Facebook, is one of mine. Or, rather, it was: I’ve made a point of NOT complaining about the weather on Facebook this year. But to avoid complaining about the weather on this blog would probably mean not talking about the weather at all, and to me that seems to go a little too far.

So, sometimes I’ll probably complain about the weather, but hopefully most of the time it’ll be as a way of talking about weather generally. I suppose, like the weather, that could be changeable. Still, the forecast is for mostly sunny posts with a chance of occasional dark clouds.

On this blog, I DO get to do something about the “weather”.


rogerogreen said...

I DID complain about the weather in February because the avg temp was 12F, 7F lower than the average, with several days below zero F. And iI went to my third funeral of the year.

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

All valid reasons to complain.