Monday, December 28, 2015

The Year in Search 2015

The video above from is Google and shows what people searched for in 2015. As always, it’s a fascinating look at, well, us—from the things we wanted to know to the things we cared about.

There’s a companion page that shows the global Year in Search. That’s viewable as a list for a few countries, though that not New Zealand. Nevertheless, it’s possible to drill down to find out more about the top searches, and doing so shows where searches took place.

However, to view other countries, it’s necessary to look at the lists, which is viewable by a lot of countries. It’s probably possible to learn something about the various countries by what their people searched for, but I’m not quite sure what. For example, when it’s an American pop culture thing, people outside the USA will often search to find out who or what Americans are talking about.

Or, just watch the video above. It probably tells you everything need to know. No surprise about that, really.

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