Thursday, December 24, 2015

Last shopping day

Today is the last chance to do some Christmas shopping. All the major retailers are having sales, and most—especially grocery stores—will be doing big business right up until closing, which is generally around 5pm for most stores. We, fortunately, are finished shopping.

Yesterday, we went out to pick up the last bits and pieces, including some unusual things. For example, we needed a new chilly bin (what we called a “cooler” where I came from in the USA) because our old one had cracked. So, we went to a clearance store and bought a “marine” one, which means, basically, it’s extra tough, well insulated, and has buckle things to keep the lid securely closed. We also got two 2-litre freezer bottles for it (made by the same company, so it fits). Unlike the ordinary sealed “freezer bricks” we have, these take tap water, meaning we can store them empty.

All of this was necessary because on Christmas Day, there’s never enough room in the fridge. Now, we won’t have to worry about it.

Because yesterday was Wednesday, and we started out early afternoon, many people were still at work and the shops weren’t too bad—neither was traffic. But, then, we didn’t go to any shopping malls, which I’m sure were much worse.

Yesterday evening, we made some things for Christmas, so we’re even done with that. There’ll just be making the actual meals, but we already have a head start.

Now that we’re finished with all we needed/could do early, we can pretty much relax until the Christmas festivities begin tomorrow and on into Christmas Day. I’m not sure we’ve been so organised before, and I kind of like it.

But the best part is, we don’t have to get in the middle of the last shopping day before Christmas.

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