Saturday, December 19, 2015

‘Christmas Dishes From Around the World’

The video above is the latest from Anglophenia, and talks about Christmas foods form around the world. I thought it was quite interesting, though there’s also a lot of regional variation, as Kate says.

The part about Australia is also true for New Zealand, though I must point out that the Pavlova was a New Zealand invention. At any rate, because it’s summer, BBQ Christmas dinners are probably more common than full-on roast meals, like I had when I lived in the USA. However, it’s also common to have something in between the two: Roast a ham in advance and have it cold on the day. You can get an idea of what our Christmas spread looks like in the photos from Christmas at our house back in 2009.

Christmas is a great day to spend with friends and family (and it’s even better when they’re both…). Regardless of country or tradition, it seems, food is a mjor part of it all, which makes it even better. But maybe the people of Iceland are on to something, fasting the week before, though I think I could do without their end to the fast, personally.

At any rate, Merry Foodmas?

Related: “How to have a British (and Kiwi) Christmas”, the Anglophenia video I shared last year, with commentary about what my New Zealand Christmases are like.

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