Wednesday, December 02, 2015

3 Decades of HIV/AIDS Design Work

The video above is a short film about the past three decades of the HIV/AIDS design work of Andrew Dineley from Liverpool. The film was created to support Now+then, a multimedia installation at the Museum of Liverpool and Liverpool Central Library earlier this year.

I met Andrew many years ago through podcasting, and have interacted with him often over the years since. In that time, I came to appreciate what a good designer he is, and I particularly admired the work he's done for HIV/AIDS awareness, among other things.

I’ve also met some really great people through Andrew, which is a real bonus—and goes to prove that not everything about the Internet and social media is bad.

As I post this, it’s still World AIDS Day in much of the world (Andrew shared it on Facebook as part of that, which is how I saw it). Because I’m still busy with work, I thought I’d share this here. Besides, those working to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in a humane and human way should be acknowledged on this day, too.

Art can be a weapon for good, after all, and that, too, should be acknowledged.

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