Thursday, December 17, 2015

Season of mash-ups

There are a lot of video compilations this time of year, reviewing what went on in the previous year. Mash-ups of pop music are among those, and over the years many have been on this blog. This year, they’re in one post.

As with previous years, I’m unfamiliar with many of the songs in these mash-ups. That’s because I no longer listen to broadcast radio, not even when I’m in the car, which in recent years was the only place I ever heard it. So, I have very little chance to hear what’s currently popular.

Which isn’t to say that I don’t want to hear it—I just don’t. I sometimes catch new or currently popular songs when I watch one of the music video channels, when it’s played on a regular TV show (like the news), or when someone plays a new song for me, that sort of thing.

This means that when I watch/listen to one of these end of year mash-ups, the odds are good (and getting better) that I won’t recognise much. Still, I like them as a nice way to find out what was popular in the preceding year.

This year, I’m sharing the videos by the same three artists I did last year, but this time they’re all in one post rather than separate ones (even though having the extra posts would have been nice for me…). Part of that is because I’m starting later his year than in previous years, and also, I’m aware that others don’t share my often rather uncritical enthusiasm for pop music, and this just seems kinder to those who don’t share that enthusiasm.

So, let’s get started.

First up is DJ Earworm’s “United State of Pop 2015 (50 Shades of Pop)”. The full song/artist list is in the YouTube description, something I find very helpful. This is the third year that I’ve included his mash-up.

Next up is Daniel Kim’s “Pop Danthology 2015, Part 2 (YouTub Edit)”. This is also the third year that I’ve included Daniel’s mash-up, and this year’s is shortened: “Not all parts of the original piece have been included in this edit.” He said in the comments: “Of course, as an artist, I want to put my best material out there in all its fullness. But I had to make a few sacrifices just on YouTube to work around copyright issues.” But, some may prefer a shorter version, anyway.

Finally, “PopLove 4 - Mashup of 2015 by Robin Skouteris (64 songs)”. Last year was the first year I shared one of Robin’s mash-ups, and “PopLove 3” had only 55 songs.

I’ll share other year-end videos this month, but probably not pop music ones. No promises, though.

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