Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas can be creepy/good

This video is extraordinary: Chase Holfelder took a well-known pop music Christmas song, put it in a minor key, and it changed dramatically. It’s not at all what I expected.

Chase has a YouTube Channel where he takes various songs and changes them to a minor key, and the results are interesting. But in this case, he took on “All I Want for Christmas” and changed it from an upbeat, happy-peppy pop song into something dark, kind of menacing, and, well, creepy. At any rate, it’s certainly unexpected.

The video is by Kurt Hugo Schneider, who I first heard of through his work with singer Sam Tsui. I especially liked their “Michael Jackson Medley” video [WATCH] from six years ago.

Chase Holfelder, meanwhile, is just getting started, by comparison. Another song of his I thought was really interesting was "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables [WATCH], which was interesting in part because, although it’s a melancholy song, it was written in a major key. It’s quite different when re-worked. I also thought it was interesting because he made it using only GarageBand for the music, which I’ve used in far less creative ways for years.

Tip o’ the Santa Hat to my friend Kyle in Hawaii, who shared this video on Facebook.

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