Sunday, December 30, 2018

Still remembering my mother’s birthday

Today one thing has been on my mind, and it’s not the end of the year, my looming “Big Birthday”, and certainly not whether or not I’ll make my blogging goal for the year. The one thing I’ve been thinking about the most today is my mother’s birthday. Today is her 102nd birthday.

I’ve told so many stories about my mother over the years, and repeated some of them, that finding something new to say is now very difficult. But that’s not really the point of these posts or why I make them. Instead, it’s about the remembering itself.

Part of that is about ensuring I remember her birthday even now, because when she was alive it could get lost in the midst of all the holidays. But the cool reality is that she’s been gone so long now—the better part of four decades—that I can go days, weeks, or even longer (months?) without thinking about her or remembering her except for, maybe, a moment. By making a point of remembering her birthday, I’m assured I’ll think about her not just on the day, but in the weeks leading up to it. I like the comfort of that.

So these annual posts are about honouring my mother and her legacy for me, for remembering her birthday itself, and for ensuring that I remember her by thinking about her in deeper thoughts than I may have for most of the year.

She was a big part of helping me become who I am now, and I’ll be forever grateful for that. The least I can do is ensure I remember her, AND her birthday.

So, once again and always, Happy Birthday, Mom and thanks. Always.

Tears of a clown
– one of my favourite posts about my mother

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