Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Amazon Holiday 2018: ‘Can You Feel It’

This ad, “Amazon Holiday 2018 – Can You Feel It?” is another ad selling a service—whatever Amazon sells and ships—rather than a specific thing. As such, it’s okay.

The use of this particular song—The Jacksons 1981 single, “Can You Feel It”—builds some urgency in a way similar to the way NZ supermarket chain Countdown used the song “The Final Countdown”. But it’s both cute and creepy seeing the Amazon “smile” logo animated and singing, though I prefer to think of it as cute, because creepy doesn’t belong in Christmas. Well, except for The Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come, maybe.

Amazon could be called a controversial company for a numebr of reasons, and it has diehard opponents and fans alike. That may be true of some of the other companies whose ads I’ve shared, too, but maybe with a little less fervour than Amazon inspires. But this post, like all the other Christmas ad posts, isn’t about the company as such, but about advertising. It’s Christmastime, and even I can put aside politics sometimes.

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