Saturday, December 29, 2018

2018 in review

The video above from Vox is easily described by its title alone: “2018, in 5 minutes”. It’s the first “year in review” video I’ve seen this year, so, naturally, I went looking for others, and I found the one from the Associated Press, below. They’re both good.

Both videos try to provide context to what they show, and both emphasise different things. So many of the images and stories they include were striking, and remain so. For me, the most memorable story of the 2018 was the rescue of those boys from the cave in Thailand. No one thought it would work, or that they’d all survive. It was the one damn near perfect story of the year: Good news, positive, happy ending, and so damn heartwarming that it almost singlehandedly erased all the utter shit that happened all over the rest of the world in 2018. Almost.

Each year has good and bad, and 2018 has been no at least we got the one great story this year. Maybe next year we’ll do better.

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