Saturday, December 15, 2018

Weekly debrief

The video above is Matt Baume’s Weekly Debrief for this week, and it has more details about the current regime’s recent moves that will block researchers’ work on a possibly cure for HIV. Yes, it’s as petty and ideological as you’d expect, but this video explains it better—and more quickly—than most others that I’ve seen.

I could say more—in fact, in the original version of this post I did, but that was mostly about the utter evil that is Mike Pence—and he’s absolutely behind this move to condemn people to death from HIV. I don’t need to restate the utterly, blindingly obvious about what a truly awful excuse for a human he is.

The rest of the video talks about what’s coming in 2019 and—spoiler alert!—some is bad. Who’d have thought that? Considering how utterly awful the current regime in the USA is for LGBT+ people, things will get MUCH worse in 2019. We just don’t know how bad yet. Mike will get his way, after all.


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loathsome people in this regime