Saturday, December 01, 2018

Top November

Well, that was a month. November wasn’t my most-blogged month ever, however, it was my most blogged November. The previous record-holder was 2016, with 51. The lowest was 2012, with 22. The average is 35 posts.

None of this matters for, well, anything, really, and yet there's an important aspect to this.

First, it was a challenge to see if I could get the number of posts required to meet my annual goal of 365 posts down to fewer than two per day. I succeeded: As of yesterday, I got it down to 1.87 posts per day, on average, being needed to meet the goal. Given all the year-end posts I do every year, this year’s “Ask Arthur” series of posts, and some other posts I haven’t quite managed to get to or complete (including more stuff languishing in my drafts folder). Then, too, there are things I can’t anticipate, like stuff might pop up in the news*, for example.

All of which means that I may yet still reach my blogging goal for 2018. That’s really nice, but it’s not what’s important about this: It indicates personal progress.

The reason that I failed to meet my blogging goal last year, and the reason things went so badly up until the middle of this year, are the same: The beta blockers I was on which made my head feel it was full of stuffing. Since going off beta blockers and on to calcium channel blockers, I’ve had much more and better mental focus, but fatigue has still sometimes been a problem.

Because I’m now better able to focus, I can blog more. So, I have. And that’s what’s led to me being within striking distance of achieving my blogging goal for this year. That’s why this isn’t actually about the number of posts or about annual goals, it’s about feeling better and being able to do more of what I want to do.

I think that’s something worth celebrating, especially because it’s taken awhile to get to this point. My blog has benefitted from this, but, in a sense, it’s just come along for the ride.

And that’s what really made November a top month.

*In fact, something did "pop up in the news" not longer after I published this post: Former President George H.W. Bush died, and I had something to say about him.


rogerogreen said...

Ladies and germs, the tension is mounting. Can the AmeriNZ do 56 more posts in 30 days?

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

Enquiring minds want to know!!