Saturday, December 30, 2017

Always remembering my mother’s birthday

This time of year, it’s not necessarily the ending of the year that’s always first in my mind because the day before, today, is my mother’s birthday. This makes sense. My mother laid much of the foundations on which I’ve built my life, and New Year’s Eve always fills me with a sense of possibility. It’s a logical combination.

Over the years, I’ve written a lot about my mother, especially at her birthday. I’ve shared stories, memories, anecdotes, and sometimes what they meant, or still mean, to me and my life. But it’s also true, as I noted back in 2015, that as the years pass it becomes more difficult to “think of something different to say about her, or about her influence on me”.

Even so, I continue to try. I am what I am in large measure because of my parents, especially my mother, and I have a kind of high duty to observe their birthdays. I have no other way to thank them for what they did, of course.

For me, though, the annual remembrance is enough for another, personal, reason: Remembering my mother’s birthday makes me think of her, and I remember the good and bad things and sometimes even draw new insights at a time decades after she was no longer here to teach me lessons. For me, that’s probably most valuable of all.

So, once again, Happy Birthday, Mom and thanks—always.

Tears of a clown
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rogerogreen said...

I remember my mom's death. But it's not yet 7 years.

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

Which is interesting. My mother died the better part of 40 years ago, but I couldn't tell you when (without looking it up) because I just don't remember it. Maybe time is responsible for that?