Thursday, December 28, 2017

DJ Earworm 2017 Mashup

The video above is this year’s pop music mashup from DJ Earworm, “United State of Pop 2017 (How We Do It)”, the fifth time I’ve shared one of his mashups. Unlike some previous years, however, I knew most of the songs, at least a little bit. One small change I made this year is the reason for that.

I was familiar with so many of the songs is that this year because I’ve watched our TV video music channel from time to time—enough to see many of the videos included in the mashup (and some of them many times, like Imagine Dragons’ “Thunder” [WATCH], fortunately for me, a video and song I liked a lot; the video was directed by Joseph Kahn). Doing that also led me to share many of those songs and artists on this blog (though not “Thunder”, for some reason).

As I’ve said many times, I love pop music, and I love mashups. It’s not actually necessary for me to like or even know all the songs in a mashup for me to like that mashup. But it’s really easy to like a mashup when it’s made by someone who’s clearly good at making them (synching audio and video, and combining them with a consistent beat, is not an easy task).

It’s got a good beat, you can dance to it, I give it—a very high score.

As usual, the MP3 of this year’s mashup is available from DJ Earworm’s Soundcloud, and the list of featured artists and the "lyrics" are included in the YouTube description.

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