Thursday, December 14, 2017

No sinning today

There are some days that temptation just presents itself like being smacked upside the head with a shovel. If we’re good, clever, or just very lucky, we can dodge the temptation and go about our business. Virtue may be its own reward, but getting things done sweetens the pot.

I had some errands to run today, and I needed lunch. For reasons that are not at all interesting, I chose Carl’s Jr., the New Zealand implementation of the American fast food chain. As I was sitting there munching a dreadful chicken burger, I noticed an ad on the serviette holder (photo above). My sarcasm then took over (I was particularly proud of my hashtags, I must say).

There was actually no chance that I’d have one of those ice cream delights (I’m not a big sweets eater, fortunately), but pretending I was tempted was more fun than the truth. In fact, I was headed to the vampires for my latest round of routine blood tests. That’s not at all exciting, but the phlebotomist told me something I thought was very interesting, that they stopped telling people to close their arms after blood is drawn because they discovered that the cells that promote healing—clotting, maybe?—don’t work right unless the arm is extended. The more you know.

At any rate, I had important stuff to pick up: A new garden hose and attachments, some herb plants to put in some pots we bought for them, and similar bits and pieces, plus a visit to the grocery store. Who has time for an ice cream delight with all THAT to do?!

Still, it wasn’t all play, oh, no! I had time for some sarcasm along the way. I stopped for petrol on the way to my errands, and posted this to my personal Facebook:
Filled up the car with petrol today. It’s UNCANNY the way [the] price of petrol rises every year around Christmas. You’d think it was deliberate! But OBVIOUSLY it’s just increased demand for the summer, nothing more. I mean, it’s not like they could possibly anticipate increased demand in summer just because it happens every single year. No, I’m sure that’d be impossible, and they’re just responding to the market—right? /sarcasm
And, it was just sarcasm—while expressing and often-observed truth about life in New Zealand: Petrol companies all rip us off, especially around holidays, and very especially around Christmas. We’re used to it, and the only surprise is that the petrol companies bother to deny what they’re up to: We all know better.

This evening I used the new trigger-sprayer on the old hose and watered my tomatoes and capsicum plants. I also potted up the herbs I bought today. It was a very productive evening. Actually, it was a very productive day. With no sinning involved.

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