Saturday, December 30, 2017

A year of resistance

The video above, “Looking back on a year of resisting Trump”, is from ThinkProgress and provides a pretty good overview of the many large marches this year against the current regime in Washington. It’s a different sort of review than many more general ones released this time of year, and far more specific.

While the swearing in of the current occupant of the White House was a terrible low point (among many) of this year, The Resistance offered hope that it might be possible to defeat the forces, foreign and domestic, trying to destroy the USA. That’s what Dana Fisher was getting at in the video when she said that the current occupant had unleashed civic engagement that hadn’t been seen in a very long time.

However, she glossed over the effectiveness of that engagement. Marches, together with protests at Congressional offices and constant phone campaigns were successful in defeating Republicans’ repeated attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and came close to stopping the Republicans’ tax scam which cuts the taxes of corporations, billionaires and gazillionaires while raising the taxes of ordinary people.

Republicans are gambling that in around 11 months Americans will have forgotten all about their tax scam and the Tweeter in Chief at the head of their party, that after a year of their onslaught against America people will be worn out, exhausted, and The Resistance will die. Their jobs depend on being right about that, but they have history on their side—or, do they? We’ll know fairly early in the New Year, and that could well determine what happens in November.

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