Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Boxing Day 2017

Today is Boxing Day, which in New Zealand is mainly a day for special sales in the shops. Stores tend to have special promotions on all sorts of things, and people exchange the Christmas presents they didn’t like or that were inappropriate for whatever reason.

Most of the cafes within a short drive of our house were closed today, not that it mattered, because Nigel and I stayed home and had a quiet day. However, other family members did go out and were surprised that so many places were closed, even in Pukekohe, which is much bigger. The big shops were open, of course—there were Boxing Day Sales to be held.

Tomorrow is a normal business day, but this time of year many businesses remain closed as staff take off the entire period between Christmas and New Year’s. Time was, New Zealand pretty much shut down for the entire month of January, and while some businesses still do that, most are open apart from the public holidays, and, maybe, those days between them.

After New Year’s, the next public holiday for us is Auckland Anniversary Day, which is on January 29, 2018, followed by Waitangi Day national holiday on February 6. Not surprisingly, those holidays have retails sales, too (as does New Year’s, of course).

A busy summer is ahead. Just not today.


Public holidays and anniversary dates

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