Sunday, December 31, 2017

Good riddance to 2017

It’s 11:30pm on New Year’s Eve, and that means that 2017 will be over in 30 minutes. Finally. It’s been a terrible year, for a lot of reasons, most very well known. On the plus side, we didn’t all die in nuclear fires and winds, so that’s something, right? Maybe it’ll still be true at the end of 2018, too.

And that’s the thing about New Year’s Eve: It represents the chance to leave behind the bad and unpleasant things in the old year and hope for better times in the year about to begin—including improvements to those bad and unpleasant things. Sure, at 12:01am January 1, that disgrace will still be occupying the White House and his enablers will still be controlling Congress, but maybe—MAYBE—the second one will end next year, and that could hasten the end of the first problem. Hope is our first, best defence against the awfulness we resist.

In any case, that’s a wrap for this year—for us, for me, and for this blog. I couldn’t make my annual average this year. Oh, well, just another disappointment to leave behind. Next year will bring new opportunities, but that’s for the New Year—once this terrible, awful year is finally over.

So, good riddance, 2017. Here’s looking at you, 2018—with a lot of hope.

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