Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve this year

Christmas Eve this year has been a quiet one. Apart from going out for lunch and picking up a few things, today was about a few chores and relaxing a bit. The main event, of course, is tomorrow.

Tomorrow some of our family is coming round for some lunch/dinner, which is always fun. This year will be a bit quieter than usual, since this is one of the years in which the various parts of the family are dispersing to their respective families. But, then, we also had a big family party in Australia earlier this month, so we kind of already did the big family thing.

The weather should be nice tomorrow, but we don’t know how windy it will be. This matters for whether we’ll use the deck, which is on the upper level of the house. If the sun is shining, we need to use the shade sail for protection, but that can’t happen if the wind is too strong. Still, it’s good in a way that we have no idea what will happen with that part of the day.

So, this year will be pretty much like most years, and yet quieter than most years, too. In any case, it’ll be a good day. That’s the main thing.

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