Saturday, July 09, 2016

The last commenting glitch

Dealing with comments is—or ought to be—an important job for anyone with an internet site, including blogs. This blog uses Disqus commenting system, and after fixing a few glitches, it’s worked well. But there’s one remaining glitch that doesn’t seem fixable. This is how to get around it.

The one remaining glitch is that the newest post often (maybe all the time?) doesn’t show a link for commenting. Sometimes this appears after someone has commented, sometimes it doesn’t even then. Sometimes it appearsafter more than one comment has been left. And, sometimes it’ll appear after some period of time (days? Weeks? Who knows? It just appears). Mostly, it will appear after it’s no longer the newest post.

This appears to be a problem with Blogger itself, and since Google is pretty much ignoring the platform nowadays, it’s unlikely to ever be fixed. So, unless I move the blog—which isn’t out of the question—there is a work around.

The title of every blog post is a clickable link: Clicking on the title takes you to a window/tab with nothing but that post, including the commenting section. If anyone has commented, you’ll see them, and if not, you can leave a comment.

This method will work on a Wordpress blog, too. I said that the problem on this blog appears to be a Blogger problem, but I can’t be sure because I’ve seen similar things happen on my podcast sites, which are actually self-hosted Wordpress blogs. This is how I know the workaround works on Wordpress blogs, too.

I should add that I know this isn’t a Disqus problem because my podcast sites don’t use it (no particular reason why they don’t). I’m also pretty sure it happened at least sometimes before I switched this blog to Disqus.

I may not be able to fix this particular commenting problem, but I can at least offer a workaround. I do try to be helpful.

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rogerogreen said...

When I can't find the comments, I click on the time stamp of the post, which will give me the specific post as well

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

Good to know. I'll have to try that the next time is see it happen on one of my podcast sites.