Wednesday, July 27, 2016

History is made

The Democratic Party has just made MORE history: It just nominated Hillary Clinton for president, becoming the first major party to nominate a woman as their presidential nominee. I was watching live. This is huge, just as when Democrats became the first party to nominate an African American as their nominee. It means that from now on, it will always be a given that any American child, whether a boy or girl, can grow up to be US President.

As a child, I assumed that, apart from John F. Kennedy, one had to be an old white man to be president. I took that for granted. It was obvious. But so much has changed, especially in the past few years, that true equality now seems possible.

And yet, the work has only begun.

When Barack Obama was elected president, the rightwing and far-right worked hard to try and make him fail. Despite all that, and going on to be one of the most successful presidents, his opponents still attack him and lie about him because they cannot accept a Black man being president. It really is that simple.

Now they will do everything in their power to try to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming president. They will absolutely resort to sexism and misogyny as they wage their regressive campaign, and we know that because of their Republican Derangement Disease (see my previous post where I talked about that). Republicans have had decades to bake their hatred of Hillary Clinton, so they simply won’t be able to engage in rational debate: They will launch gender-based attacks. It’s inevitable.

Electing Hillary Clinton President is not enough. We must elect Democrats to the US Congress, too, so that President Hillary Clinton will be able to move America forward. Democrats have a strong chance of taking control of the US Senate—which is VITAL—and have a shot at retaking the US House, IF people work for it.

Democrats will have help, of course: The Republicans’ T.P. Ticket is the most extremist and frightening they have ever nominated—and I’ve seen a fair few awful nominees coming from their party over my lifetime.

But one thing is absolutely certain: Today, history was made.

I'm with her.


Jason Peaco said...

Wasn't that so cool. I have to say who would have thought in our life time we would see and African American and a woman nominated to be president of the United States.

One thing I am a little puzzled about why the roll call wasn't closer to prime time then it was.

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

Yes, I think Roger's point is it—it would make for VERY boring viewing, and they wanted prime time to be reserved for the headline speeches. I think that was a VERY good move because Donald's circus was too poorly managed (of course) to get that right, so the Democrats superior organisation shone through. ANd, mainly, it was just more interesting that way.

I watched the roll call live (on C-SPAN streaming) and was surprised that there was no big deal about it at all. Typically, states will yield so a particular state can put the nominee over the top. That didn't happen this time—it was North Dakota(!) that made Hillary the nominee. Neither was there any hoopla when it happened—the only thing that changed was the chyron changed to read that Hillary was the nominee. And, a few minutes later I got an email alert telling me it had happened.

I think the reason they kept the roll call low-key was so that Bernie Sanders and his gracious motion wouldn't be upstaged. If I'm right about that, then props to the DNC for ensuring that Sanders and his supporters got that respect and honour.

rogerogreen said...

Because the roll call can take forever. I remember that Trump's roll call hit at 7 pm EDT, and made it on the CBS Evening News, but they ignored "The people of the great state..." blah blah until it got to New York, which put him over.

rogerogreen said...

I had seen the video earlier, but it was on TV, and I'm telling the wife and daughter, WATCH THE TV - they're in the room, but inattentive. WATCH THE TV. Really cool.

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

I think you're right about that.