Friday, July 29, 2016

Dangerous Donald

The video above was played at the Democratic National Convention, and highlights a small number of the people who have spoken out about how Donald is unfit to be President of the United States. More reasons are added every day.

North Korea endorsed Donald for president. Let that sink in for a moment: One of the most repressive and corrupt nations on earth thinks Donald should be president. It’s only fair, after all: Donald has praised the country’s dictator. Donald doesn’t have a clue.

Donald has talked about pulling US troops out of Korea unless they pay money to the USA. North Korea would love the opportunity to invade South Korea unopposed. Donald is dangerous.

This week, too, Donald said that if he becomes president, he’s willing to reverse global consensus and recognise Ukraine’s Crimea as Russian territory—even though the world opposes that after Russia invaded Ukraine to seize Crimea. But this is only the latest in his declarations that he’d let Russia do whatever it wants. Donald is dangerous

Last week, Donald said he wouldn’t defend the Baltic countries if Russia invades (as Russian dictator Putin is clearly planning to do). Thanks to Donald, ALL of the countries in NATO have to wonder if the United States can be counted on as an ally. Donald is dangerous.

And then, of course, he invited the Russians to hack an American’s emails to further Donald’s political ends. That’s as close to treason as any major candidate for president has ever come. Treason or not, it could be a felony. Donald is dangerous.

Donald loves Vlad Putin—LOVES him. He’s repeatedly praised the Russian dictator, but the question is, WHY? Josh Marshall, editor and publisher of Talking Points Memo, recently published seven specific alarming connections between Donald and Putin, any one of which is concerning, but taken together, it suggests that Donald is in Putin’s back pocket. Donald is dangerous.

Donald must never be allowed anywhere near the White House, not even as a tourist.

Donald is dangerous.

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