Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mike Pence: Even Worse than Trump

Back during the fight for marriage equality in the USA, I frequently turned to videos by Matt Baume to explain some of the intricacies of the fight. I’m doing that again, with Matt’s latest video, above, “Mike Pence: Even Worse than Trump”.

Matt lays out all the reasons why Mike Pence is so truly awful for LGBT Americans, and “a far more diabolical candidate than your usual Republican”. I made a few of the points in my highly mocking post about Pence, but Matt lays them out so clearly.

One interesting point is Matt’s assertion that Donald is “one of the most impeachment-ready candidates ever”. That caught my attention because I’ve seen people who hate Hillary Clinton (self-described Republicans and Democrats alike, sadly) arguing that if Donald was elected president, it wouldn’t be so bad because he could always be impeached. Putting aside that no president has ever been successfully removed from office, Matt’s right that it would mean that Pence would become president. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

Mike Pence is absolutely far more extremist than Donald, with a consistently far-right theocratic agenda, contrasted with Donald’s ideological flexibility. But comparing and contrasting their extremism is a race to the bottom, and one not worth engaging in: They’re both truly awful.

The T.P. Ticket must be defeated. Not only must Hillary Clinton be elected US President, the US Congress must be returned to Democratic control. That's the only way to get the USA moving forward again. Only a massive defeat could force the Republican Party to finally dump its racism, sexism, homophobia and other bigotry, to get rid of its lunatic fringe, and to finally move into the 21st Century. It’s a big job accomplishing that, one that may not succeed in every aspect.

We must try.

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