Thursday, July 21, 2016

Compare and contrast

Every summer, the two main parties bring in young people to serve as interns. The idea is that they’ll be inspired to take on a career in politics, and the programme also provides a sort of orientation for those who will be leaders in their parties eventually.

Recently, two very different photos of this year’s interns were posted. For people trying to understand the differences between the Democratic and Republican Parties, those two photos provide a strong visual contrast.

First, the Republicans (click to enlarge):

Shared by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) on his Instagram, the photo shows the Republicans 2016 summer interns. All those fresh white faces! GQ Magazine has just published a mocking list of the names of the interns, which I think is awfully unfair. It's not their fault that their party's leaders are completely uninterested in diversity, now or for the future of their party.

Now, let’s compare and contrast that with the Democrats’ 2016 summer interns (click to enlarge):

The photo, by Cameron Trimble, was made available by US Rep Eddie Bernie Johnson (D-TX) on her Facebook Page. These faces look like America.

When the Democratic National Convention begins, we’ll see that again in the faces of the delegates. The people chosen to speak will reinforce that fact.

The two parties have vastly different ideologies and agendas, and starkly different presidential candidates. But for a quick, easy to understand visual explanation of the differences between the two parties, look at the faces.

The two parties could not be more different.

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