Friday, July 15, 2016

Children listen

This video from the Clinton campaign gets at one of the worst things about Donald: His mouth. Every time children hear Donald making bigoted statements, it could easily give them the idea that it’s okay to say what he says. And when those same children see adults making excuses for the terrible things Donald says, it only reinforces the idea that bigotry is okay.

It’s one thing—an ignorant thing, but a different matter—when adults hear what Donald says and excuse the rank bigotry with, “he’s only saying what everyone’s thinking” (he’s not, and most people don’t think like him, by the way). As long as no children are within earshot, then it’s a bit like watching porn or an extremely violent movie: Something for adults only.

But allowing children to think that what Donald says is okay cannot lead to anything good. This isn’t about ideology; this is about morality and basic human decency.

No one is born a bigot. Bigots are made from children who grow up hearing bigotry and learning from it that it’s okay. That’s why this matters so much. Since Donald can’t control himself and refuses to speak with common decency and civility, and not even his own party will condemn his bigotry, it’s up to adults to make sure that children learn how wrong Donald is to speak as he does.

There was no way I’d ever vote for Donald, of course, because I think his politics are reprehensible (depending one which of his many positions on issues we’re talking about…). And, his severe narcissistic personality disorder should scare the hell out of everyone. But his politics and personality disorder are entirely beside the point.

Children listen. Do we REALLY want them to learn that Donald’s hate speech is okay and grow up to talk just like him?

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